Saving Our Sharks seeks to change the perspective on sharks and raise awareness through environmental education. We have a multigenerational, intersectoral and transversal program that addresses issues of marine conservation, responsible consumption, heritage management, equity and citizen participation in favor of promoting multiple sustainable development objectives.


As part of the environmental education agenda, Saving Our Sharks A.C., Saving Our Sharks, carries out activities with schools at the elementary, middle and high school levels, with the aim of informing and promoting shark protection and raising awareness about the problems they experience worldwide, and the importance of implementing good practices and consumption habits at a personal, domestic and community level.


We carry out awareness projects, social service and tourism training in Universities that have courses in alternative tourism and biology, where activities are carried out with the students with the purpose of recognizing the benefits of sustainable tourism and the importance of non-extractive use of natural resources as a strategy for their conservation.



For 6 years we have organized shark month, and on 2021, we achieved its institutionalization through the implementation of the State Shark Week, organized in conjunction with the Environmental authorities of Quintana Roo (SEMA), starting on july 14th.


The shark month is an annual event carried out by the organization Saving Our Sharks A.C. in conjunction with NGO, scientific and diving community, and residents of Quintana Roo. It integrates events that are aimed at different population segments, among which we find recreational, educational activities and scientific content activities. A full month every year is dedicated to sharks, where international experts show their experiences, advances and knowledge to the population through workshops, conferences and talks focused on their work.


The objective of this month is to inform the population of the Mexican Caribbean, Mexico and the world, about the advances in sharks study and conservation strategies, to make the population aware of the importance of sharks and to promote conservation and good practices at the domestic, community and business levels.


Through united efforts, we organize and promote conferences, training and conventions with researchers in public institutions (Lifeguard Corps, Civil Protection, CONANP) and private institutions (hotels conferences, diving centers, fishing sector, among others).


We participate annually in the organization of the Latin American Sharks, Chimeras and Rays Concreas, organized by The Mexican Society of Cartilaginous Fish A.C. (SOMEPEC)


In conjunction with governments, socially responsible companies, educational institutions and organizations oriented to culture and ecology, we carry out the production of informative and educational materials focused on the conservation of sharks; In addition, we make interventions, projecting great documentaries and materials of marine conservation and responsible consumption.


We carry out artistic interventions with local artistic companies, such as “La Bambalina” Theater Group, who have brought an awareness messsge to theaters, parks, schools and planetariums through their conscious art, working from the grassroots the values ​​that promote sharks and ecosystems conservation.


We carry out tours and experiences for natural recognition: Through interpretive trails and visits to the lagoon and the reef, we show students the natural beauty that surrounds us, emphasizing our responsibility for the care and protection of it. It is incredible to observe their admiration and encounter with nature!

of natural recognition: Through interpretive trails and visits to the lagoon and the reef, we show students the natural beauty that surrounds us, emphasizing our responsibility for the care and protection of it. It is incredible to observe their admiration and encounter with nature! !

Photo exhibition: Thanks to the support of allies committed to the cause, we carry out photographic exhibitions, recognizing how admiration, respect and conservation of multiple species are fostered through photography.

Beach Cleanups: We participate, organize and support local and international beach cleanups in conjunction with social service students who actively participate in this activity.


Through social networks, we have been able to inform and generate an important alliances network at a global level! With our Saving Our Sharks for Kids program, we have the collaboration of international volunteers who work day by day in favor of shark conservation!



We have extensive media coverage, where we carry out broadcast visits on radio and television as well as in the written press.


We have international virtual volunteering through GVI Abroad, Social Service with the Universidad del Caribe and alliances in all sectors.

Join us! How? Support and spread the message, tale action from your home, community and organization and contribute if possible to our environmental education program by sponsoring a visit, conference or intervention through a donation of 50 dlls.


All the conscious actions that we carry out as individuals, families and communities are important!

For more information contact us at: info@savingoursharks.org Your participation is key! 

We are a marine conservation movement!