Bull shark diving is the only activity with this specie recognized and regulated by a government.
We are an example!

Playa del Carmen has become a unique place in the world not only for the annual bull shark visits but also for the community management of the species that has been achieved. In conjunction with the lifeguards, authorities, diving community, boat captains, tourist and fishing cooperatives; We have carried out a joint work of community planning, where a sustainable diving operation has been achieved through regulated and agreed processes. All these efforts have generated great achievements in the conservation of sharks and marine ecosystems in Playa del Carmen through non-extractive sustainable use. Now this dives have a legal framework integrated into the Management Program of the Reserve of the Mexican Caribbean Biosphere!

Strengthening in diving centers

Training has been constantly carried out for guides and divers, with the purpose of articulating actions, socializing the standards established in the Manual of Good Practices for Bull Sharks DiVing and providing biological information regarding the ecosystem and specifically about sharks for a better recognition of the sharks. behaviors and with the aim of carrying out sustainable and educational diving.


#ResponsibleDives Download here the organization documents for bull shark diving activity in Playa del Carmen! Bull sharks diving is carried out in its two modalities (attraction and observation) under the criteria of the Manual of Good Practices, which was prepared in 2014 with the participation of experts, authorities, NGO and of course, the diving community in Playa del Carmen. Thanks to Saving Our Sharks. this manual served as the basis for the elaboration of the Mexican Caribbean Biosphere Reserve Management Program and contemplates the permitted and non-permitted activities, as well as rule 32! Learn more! Be part of this conservation movement!

The Manual of Good Practices is a document originated in 2014 by diving centers, experts in diving with sharks, CSOs and authorities, which gave rise to the official regulation of the activity of diving with bull sharks in the Management Program of the Mexican Caribbean Biosphere Reserve Management Program, thanks to the monitoring of the diving community in Playa del Carmen and the work carried out by this organization, in conjunction with the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas in the participatory workshops for its creation. Currently it is up to the diving operators to continue in this synergy and organization for the execution of a respectful activity with these incredible and important beings!